A Multi-factor strategy for flaky test detection and automated root cause analysis

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Developers often spend time to determine whether test case failures are real failures or flaky. The flaky tests, also known as non-deterministic tests, switch their outcomes without any modification in the codebase. Flaky tests in a test suite reduce the confidence of developers in the test suite as well as in the quality of a product. The most common approach to detect flaky tests is re-running test cases which is resource consuming and unreliable. Furthermore, re-running only indicates what tests are flaky but does not reveal the root causes of test flakiness.

Jan 17, 2021 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM
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Azeem Ahmad
Azeem Ahmad
PhD Candidate in Software Engineering

The focus of my research is to use machine learning and AI methods to solve real-time problems related to continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), software test optimization, and data visualization in CI/CD in European Industries (i.e., https://www.software-center.se/partners/) that are part of the software center (www.software-center.se). I investigate and optimize the Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline and how to visualize data streams, currently flowing in the pipeline. In addition to this, a part of my research is to optimize software testing and quality.